Yacine Sahli (白晏昕)

Yacine Sahli (白晏昕)

DevOps Engineer


Yacine Sahli is currently a Production Engineer at Yahoo.

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Production Engineer
Jun 2022 – Present Taipei, Taiwan
Production Engineer at Yahoo!
Rolo Innovation Inc
DevOps Engineer
Jul 2021 – May 2022 Taipei, Taiwan

Responsibilities include:

  • Kubernetes ‐ Google Cloud ‐ Helm ‐ Terraform ‐ Terragrunt ‐ CircleCi
  • Continued to develop and maintain the Kubernetes cluster using best practices such as PSP,tight network policies and mozilla sops.
  • Prometheus monitoring, alerting with Alertmanager and grafana to have a strong observability of our cluster
Freelance Web Developer
May 2020 – May 2021 Belgium
Built websites for small businesses using Wordpress, cpanel, netlify and Hugo. It made me in charge of my own registered business. I had to manage all the invoices and accounting while prospecting for new clients.
Necko Technologies
Cloud Developer Intern
Sep 2020 – Dec 2020 Belgium, Mons
  • Predictive train maintenance with AWS IoT Greengrass.
  • Built a demo of cloud‐native predictive maintenance on a Lego train. Technologies used: AWS, AWS IoT, AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS Sagemaker, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudformation, AWS Cloudwatch, AWS DynamoDB, Python, Ansible, Javascript, Jquery


University of Mons (Umons)
Master in Computer Science
Sep 2019 – Jun 2021 Mons, Belgium
Thesis: Study of the network mechanisms used by Kubernetes deployments. Advisor: Bruno Quoitin
University of Mons (Umons)
Bachelor in Computer Science
Sep 2016 – Jun 2019 Mons, Belgium


CyberSecurity Challenge Belgium
5th place | Cyber Security Challenge Belgium (CSCBE)

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